Map delineating the selected catchments, showing the spatial distribution of identified pilot action sites and thematic clustering of regarded issues.

Deliverable T2.1.3 can be found here: Transnational map of pilot sites.

By hovering over the map some information about pilot action sites will be displayed. By selecting a pilot action site on the map reports related to the area can be viewed.

List of all pilot action sites:

PA 1.1 – Catchment area of the Vienna Water Supply
PA 1.2 – Catchment area of Waidhofen/Ybbs
PA 2.1 – Well field Dravlje valley in Ljubljana
PA 2.2 – Water reservoir Kozlowa Gora
PA 2.3 – Tisza catchment area
PA 2.4_1 – Prud-Bacina discharge zone
PA 2.4_2 – Imotsko polje springs
PA 2.5 – Neufahrn bei Freising
PA 3.1 – Po river basin
PA 3.2 – Along Danube Bend