PA 1.1 – Catchment area of the Vienna Water Supply

The pilot action area represents one part of the catchment areas of Vienna’s water supply. The Zeller Staritzen are part of the Hochschwab massif (north-eastern part) which itself is a range in the Eastern Alps. It is situated in Styria.

Objective(s) of pilot actions / Aim of testing in the territorial levelThe aim of testing the applied model in the catchment area of the Viennese water supply is the adaptation of the model to the peculiar circumstances.
Expected achievable resultsIncreased knowledge about the risk of not being able to transport enough water to the consumers in Vienna. Increased knowledge about the pressures resulting from different land use activities and therefore being able to estimate the impact on the groundwater. Localizing origin of hazards.
Timeframe of implementation of achievable actionsThe actions will be implemented during the life time of the project probably already till March 2019.
Expected benefits for national/regional stakeholdersNational and regional stakeholders (legal authorities, water suppliers, …) will benefit by transfer and application of the specific knowledge and experience gained by Vienna Water.
Expected benefits for local stakeholdersVienna Water as a local stakeholder and partner in the project will benefit from the usage of the developed model by being able to better assess planned activities and their impacts on groundwater. For other stakeholders the specific natural situation and therefore the impacts of planned activities can be better explained.


Catchment area of the Vienna Water Supply



Deliverables T2.1.2 can be found here: Transnational report about best management practices and annex 1: Best management practices in PA 1.1.

Deliverable T2.1.4 can be found here: Descriptive documentation about PA 1.1.

Deliverable T2.1.5 can be found here: Set-up report about adaptation of the transnational concept to PA 1.1.

Deliverable T2.2.2 can be found here: Partner-specific pilot action documentation.

Deliverable T2.3.1 can be found here: Evaluation report for each pilot action.