PA 2.2 – Water reservoir Kozlowa Gora

The pilot action area represents Brynica River sub-basin upstream the Kozłowa Góra dam and covers the area of 193.93 km2. The dam reservoir is located at km 28.000 of Brynica River watercourse in the area of Silesian voivodship (Southern Poland). The reservoir serves mainly to provide water for the population, but as well as a flood protection of the areas located downstream of the dam.

Objective(s) of pilot actions / Aim of testing in the territorial level1. Establishing multi-aspect water monitoring network
2. Setting up coupled models to predict water quality and provide flexible fitting of water treatment technology due to current raw water quality
3. Community meeting and workshop organization to raise awareness and increase their knowledge
4. Preperation of proposal of DWPZ on the Kozłowa Góra reservoir
Expected achievable results1. Establishing water monitoring network and conducting investigation of water quality and quantity (within whole water balance) and providing good quality, real time data to calibrate coupled model
2. Coupled prediction model of raw water quality
3. Raising awareness and increasing knowledge of community about influence of the human activity (including land use) to water resources
4. Establishing DWPZ on the Kozłowa Góra drinking water reservoir
Timeframe of implementation of achievable actions1. Establishing network within project lifetime; conducting monitoring studies - in the long term perspective, also after the end of the project
2. Setting up the coupled model – within project lifetime
3. Raising awareness and increasing knowledge – meeting within project lifetime
4. Proposal preparation – within project lifetime, establishing and carrying out the DWPZ – in long term perspective
Expected benefits for national/regional stakeholdersRaised awareness and increased knowledge of the community (-ies) of possible impact of human activities on water resources (its quality and quantity as well). This could influence on increase in sustainable land use management especially in the area of drinking water resources and flood mitigation areas. Higher level of people awareness and its transfer to action shifts to lower level of pollution, thus, better quality water and lower costs of water treatment process
Beneficiaries are communities / society, water suppliers, authorities.
Expected benefits for local stakeholdersLower costs of water treatment process.
Coupled model used as a kind-of-early-warning-system based on monitoring data
Improvement of the water environment quality and quantity.


Water reservoir Kozlowa Gora



Deliverables T2.1.2 can be found here: Transnational report about best management practices and annex 3: Best management practices in PA 2.2.

Deliverable T2.1.4 can be found here: Descriptive documentation about PA 2.2.

Deliverable T2.1.5 can be found here: Set-up report about adaptation of the transnational concept to PA 2.2.

Deliverable T2.2.2 can be found here: Partner-specific pilot action documentation.

Deliverable T2.3.1 can be found here: Evaluation report for each pilot action.