PA 2.1 – Well field Dravlje valley in Ljubljana

Selected pilot action area represents Glinscica basin (17.4 km2) and is located in the west part of the municipality City of Ljubljana.

Objective(s) of pilot actions / Aim of testing in the territorial levelThe potential well field is in Glinščica river sub-basin and within urbanized area crossed by highway and with large open spaces (mainly agricultural areas), urban area and industry causing high pressure on land use. Dravlje valley is also a flood area with not properly regulated surface waters coming from hilly hinterland. Most of these waters are lead to the urban sewage system, which in high waters cannot receive so much water and are flooded.
The project focus is to harmonize land use and drinking water source protection and management, which is prerequisite for quality of life and drinking water in this area.
Expected achievable results(1) Assessment of impact of agriculture, urbanization (sewage system, cesspits), industry, forestry, transportation (highway) for elaboration of improved protection measures of potential drinking water source (including elaboration of drinking water protection zones with measures), based on modelling results and stakeholder meetings and workshops.
(2) The main results of this pilot action are developed procedures, measures and adjustments for setting up new water well field (new drinking water source) and placement into space within the existing land use.
Timeframe of implementation of achievable actionsResults (1) & (2) will be done within WP T2 (by September 2018).
Additional stakeholder involvement (separate meetings with each stakeholder) will be done within T3 and T4 (by May 2019).
Proposal of the Municipal spatial plan amendment with proposed measures will be done within T3 (by March 2019). Implementation will be done when Spatial plan will be amended.
All other BMP proposals are long term measures. PP5 is water supplier and is interested in implementation of those BMPs. PP5 will therefore continue with activities after the project end, which leads to durability of project results.
Expected benefits for national/regional stakeholdersThe added value of activities in this PA is to develop procedures, measures and adjustments for setting up a new water well field (new drinking water source) and placement into space within the existing (mainly urban) land use.
Act on the drinking water protection zones is prepared on the state level by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, whereas local community is obliged to ensure drinking water supply and reserve drinking water sources and adopts municipal spatial plan. Within the PROLINE-CE project developed procedures and measures will be harmonised with state and local level.
Guidelines for setting up of reserve drinking water source in urban area can be applied also for areas in Slovenia.
Expected benefits for local stakeholdersThe local stakeholders will Expected benefits at the local level are raising awareness and education of people who live in this area with BMPs (mostly regarding agricultural practices, drinking water protection measures). These experiences can be transferred to other areas.
In T3 in T4 we will develop approaches how to animate stakeholders to become an active stakeholder within all processes and procedures, which will give them opportunity to express their interests.
Direct benefits for the local Municipality and water supply company are:
- within the project developed expert grounds for setting up of a reserve drinking water source (delineated drinking water protection zones, modelled possible quantities of drinking water intake by pumping with consideration of climate change),
- hydraulic model and proposal for regulation of hinterland water runoff, which burdens the mixed sewage system.
For local population will be prepared instructions how to act in floods and demonstrations what interventions, which they are performing in the flood area, are causing floods.
Reserve drinking water source indirectly protects nature with drinking water protection zones, therefore also nature park TRŠ will have benefits.


Well field Dravlje valley in Ljubljana



Deliverables T2.1.2 can be found here: Transnational report about best management practices and annex 2: Best management practices in PA 2.1.

Deliverable T2.1.4 can be found here: Descriptive documentation about PA 2.1.

Deliverable T2.1.5 can be found here: Set-up report about adaptation of the transnational concept to PA 2.1.

Deliverable T2.2.2 can be found here: Partner-specific pilot action documentation.

Deliverable T2.3.1 can be found here: Evaluation report for each pilot action.